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✅ Recording videos
✅ Writing launch emails
✅ Designing worksheets
✅ Hyping it on Instagram
And the list goes on…

Let’s be honest — you’re exhausted and the last thing your brain can think about right now is finding the perfect words to sell your offer.

But the pressure is on and you’re feeling the time crunch of your launch deadline looming over you.

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When I was going through the Sales Page in a Day™ program I literally EXHALED. Before the program I was so overwhelmed by the thought of filling in a blank Google Doc with copy that would convert. The program had so much valuable information and formulas that were so easy to work with; I created copy for three sales pages in a few hours! Thank you for delivering such valuable content!

Interior Designer

Even though your sales page won’t write itself...
this template will make you feel like it did.

even better?

You can have a profitable launch where writing your sales page is something you actually (kinda) enjoy!

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6-Figure Sales Page Copy Templates

Whether you’re launching an offer for the first time, have a proven offer, or anything in between – there’s a sales page copy template for you!

These section-by-section plug and play sales page builders tell you exactly what to say, in what order and give you examples so you never have to feel sales page overwhelm ever again!

Choose from 3 different Sales Page Styles:

Bite-Size Writing Workshops

I’m not just gonna hand you some templates and wish you luck.

No, you’re stuck with me! I’m walking you through each of the templates so you can learn how to write and think like an expert copywriter.

Each template style includes bite-size writing workshops to guide you every step of the way.

20 Questions: Sales Page Edition

Want to know how to cut your writing time in half?
There are 2 secrets…

One of them I share inside the workshop series. And the other one is the magic of this guide – doing the proper prep work before you ever write a word of sales copy.

These questions will help you get major clarity around your offer, packaging and pricing, as well as help you bust through any objections your potential customers might have before buying your offer.

“The sales page was the biggest thing holding me back... the training made it so easy.”

I was able to write my sales page in one day. I couldn’t have done it without you; you saved my tail! The sales page was the biggest thing holding me back from getting my course out because I had absolutely no idea what to say, but the training made it so easy!! I still can’t believe it’s done! Thank you!

Educator for Creatives

But wait... there’s more!

In addition to the entire Sales Page In A Day™ copy system, I’m also going to throw in 3 new bonuses to help you fast track your sales page results.

bonus one

The Sales Boosting Trifecta

We’re going to pour some gasoline on your already HOT sales page. Are you ready?

In this guide, I’m sharing my top 3 favorite ways to turn fence sitters into fast buyers.

The best part? You can get all 3 of these things added to your sales page today!

bonus two

Instant Headline Generator

I know from experience that one of the hardest parts to write are your headlines. That’s why I’ve worked my spreadsheet magic and created an interactive, plug & play copywriting tool that will auto-magically populate over 30 headline options for you to use on your sales page!

(Students have even used these headline ideas for launch content ideas, too!)

bonus three

Course Mockup Templates for Canva

Increase the value and irresistibility factor of your offer +100% by including professional looking course mockups on your sales page.

In this epic bonus, you’re getting access to 15 done-for-you course mockup layouts that are easily editable using Canva. Just simply add screenshots of your offer, download and they’re ready to add to your sales page.

Ready to banish writer's block forever & finish your sales page copy today?


Total Value = $1,082

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If you’re not 100% satisfied with this program after 14 days, we will gladly refund every penny you paid for it.

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Over 3,000 people have gone through this course and wrote sales pages they’re wildly proud of… in a fraction of the time.

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Sales Page In A Day™ gives you every. single. thing. you need (AND MORE!) to confidently write your sales page and launch your offers with ease!

Hey there! I'm Amanda!

I’m a designer and digital marketing strategist for female entrepreneurs who want to share their expertise with the world through digital courses, group coaching and high-level offerings.

After over 8 years spent growing my online business, I know how frustrating it can be when you run into an obstacle that stops you from getting your new ideas out into the world.

I’m a fast action-taker like you, and I don’t want something like your sales page stopping you from launching your offer.

After years spent creating sales pages for clients, I know what works!

I created Sales Page in a Day to show you exactly how to quickly write a sales page that sells that converts.

See you inside?


This is a low-ticket offer that over-delivers.

(Also been referred to as the ‘best $37 ever spent’)

Sales Page in a Day was created for you...

The ambitious entrepreneur who took their genius and turned it into an offer that can truly impact the lives of their ideal customers.

This system will work for you no matter what type of offer you’re selling:

(The only type of offer it won’t work for are physical products and MLM offers)

Frequently Asked Questions

You’ll get access to everything immediately after you purchase, including:

  • 3 different Sales Page Copy Templates to choose from
  • Writing workshops to guide you through the writing process
  • Sales Page Prompts Prep Sheet
  • Instant Headline Generator
  • The Sales Boosting Trifecta
  • Course Mockup Graphics for Canva
  • and a few other goodies waiting for you inside…

Since Sales Page in a Day helps you WRITE your sales page before you build it, you can use this program no matter what page build software you have!

Yes, go for it! However, you can not share these templates directly with your clients. Your client deliverable must be completely customized.

No! We all start at the same place… zero! If you’re starting from scratch with this offer, I recommend using Sales Page Template #1: The Classic Converter for your sales page copy!

We’re not just going to tell you what works and what doesn’t – we are 100% focused on helping you actually write your sales page! Plus, the way we teach it allows you to complete it within a couple of hours!

Take a look at the section about what type of offers this prgram works for. The only type of offers it won’t work for are physical prodsuct descriptions and MLM offers.

If I had a dollar for everytime someone told me I should be charging more for this, I’d be a millionaire! But in all seriousness this program is worth much more than what I’m charging you, because my only goal is to get you to finally write your sales page.

If you’re not 100% satisfied with this program after 14 days, we will gladly refund every penny you paid for it.

Get your hands on this launch "life saver"


Total Value = $1,082

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